Saturday, November 12, 2011

All you need is...!

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Since I saw this Linen Shirt I did not hesitate, you have seen some of this type (here)
I have several and I can't avoid it, I think they give a lot of personality to a look.
It is not just a shirt, the Linen detail captivated me.
It's Friday night! In fact, as I don't stop, weeks passes flying ...
I'm also very excited because Sunday I have something that keeps me Rocking, soon you will know ... :D

:D :D it's my Birthday. :)

Love u Luvlies nand have a Sweet weekend. *MAHI*

Outfit Details:
Linen Shirt by Raymond.
Corduroy Trouser by Raymond.
Canvas by Convers.


  1. Hy mahi!!! i like this post so much. Is classic,chic, and casual at the same time. You have do a good job boy!!!


  2. I like it when guys wear a great fitting white shirt with almost anything. It's a wardrobe essential. Appreciate the look... Well paired. :)

  3. Great outfit! I love the linen shirt and red Chucks :)

  4. @Arey: loved ur blogs, so sweet of u r. looking chic and fashionist. following u.Thanks a lot dear for following me, i'm going to do back. <3

  5. @PIUSC: hey Thank u so much u dear.

  6. @Kavita: Thanks a huge compliment for me.. i adore that <3

  7. @AIF: Hey Vickie i'm glad that u have visited my blog and dropping by. <3 u.

  8. @Sara: Hey Sara.I'm utterly been allure by u, loved ur every looks that u have posted at chic colour combination u have picked...lovely blog...following u plz do


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