Saturday, September 1, 2012

Brogue and Burgundy onto Mahi' wardrobe

Hey lovelies.
                 Dark colors are definitely mine colors. At least i feel the most comfortable when i wearing them. Actually there is everything new- Brogue in oxford, Burgundy skiny pant, and the rest. Pant and Brogue you are seeing in this post. Pant look the best connected with brogue but its obvious that those are not the most comfortable shoes for a walk or meeting with friends. But i'm keen on to wearing those pairing with skinny burgundy pants. Hey peoples here you can see the star tattoo on my ankle, there are different versions of star tattoo, and most popular is five-point design and i have done it. Fashionista have a great weekend ahead.

I'm wearing:
Burgundy Skinny pant by Reid n Taylor
Brogue in shoes by fashos
Basic shirt by Poe